3 simple ways to match the makeup with trendy jewels


Makeup and accessories relate pretty much the final keys when you put a particular outfit. There are huge varieties of trendy jewelry to choose and makeup styles to use as well.

But you do not wear makeup and accessories for the reasons to simply wear them. There are things you need to take into account so you can create a nice look. There are only three things left that you need to keep in mind when matching your makeup with your choice accessory to complete your outfit. Here are a few tips:

Complement – It’s the safest way for you to create a nice look. The complementary colors always seem pleasant to the eyes and they are not difficult to shoot. If you wear a complete set of accessories, choose your main accessory that your makeup could complement. For example, if you want to complete it with the color of your earrings, apply the makeup that will not be confronted with the color of your main accessory. It is not recommended to match the color because it seems redundant and boring. The complementary makeup with accessories is actually suitable for daily looks, which you go to work or school. Take into consideration the color of your hue when you wear accessories and makeup. The clearer makeup shades are suitable for clearer skin tones for color can already stand out. So, if you decide to tan or have a tanning complexion, it would be better for you to apply darker colors to complete your tone.

Match – like what has been mentioned earlier, when applying makeup, choose an accessory to base your makeup color with. If you want to focus on a branch jewel that you wear, then correspond to a part of your makeup. For example, you want to display your beautiful pair of red red luster earrings. The best way for you to have people noticing it, is to match your lipstick color with the color of earrings. In this way, it will surely become a headhead. Another way to match the makeup with the accessories is to take a look at what type of jewelry connected you will wear. For example, if you wear timeless and classic pieces, your makeup should also be the classic and timeless look. One way to do this timeless look consists of aligning your eyebrows to create a strong and classic look.

Clash – Most people are afraid to compete colors because of the fact that it is sometimes difficult to withdraw. But, the safest way to do it is to face the colors of your accessory or makeup with the colors of your eyes. In this way, you must have your eyes noticed and your accessories have also been noticed. If you wear the opposite color of makeup against the color of your eyes, it would be like hitting two birds with a stone.

Once you have mastered the art of choosing a makeup style that would perfectly make your fashionable jewelry, you can surely turn the heads. It is also a way to feel more confident of yourself while being more advanced and elegant.


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