5 Activities To Get The Whole Family Outdoors


It is increasingly difficult to spend time outdoors with the entire family. The challenge has always been there, with various members of the household wanting one thing while others want something entirely different. However, with the rising levels of mobile phone usage and digital addiction, encouraging the family to spend time in nature can sometimes prove to be a little difficult.

There are a number of activities, however, that can be used to incentivize almost everyone; those so exciting and accessible that even the dog can join in too! So, if you’d like to get yourself and your family outdoors this year and want a brilliant activity that you can do together, here are five of the best.

Metal Detecting

Few can resist the opportunity to potentially discover treasure, which is perhaps why metal detecting has recently seen a surge in popularity. It is a fantastic way not only to engage the whole family in a fun and potentially very exciting activity but also as a way to explore familiar and new landscapes in different ways.

There is also magnet fishing, which allows for rivers and seafronts to be explored too, but it is important to check with your local state’s laws to ensure that you are able to enjoy the activity wherever you go.


One of the central reasons as to why paddleboarding has become popular is its accessibility. Individuals of all ages can find their feet on the water, with adults being able to bring little ones onto their paddleboards too. Ever dogs enjoy paddleboarding.

Another reason is it so popular is because it can be practiced and enjoyed in a number of ways, such as at sea, on lakes, and even along rivers.

Water Parks

If you want to enjoy the water with your family but feel that you might fancy something a little more exciting, then water parks are the place to be. These family-friendly establishments are equipped with all essential facilities, such as cafes and equipment hire, and will keep everyone entertained for hours.


Taking a trip into nature and sleeping under the stars is one of the best ways to experience the American landscape. Check your local area, or that of a nearby state, for potential camping locations and then pack your bag with everything you need.

Camping can also be a great way to incorporate other activities, such as hiking and climbing too, allowing families to travel together to exciting locations and national parks, all with the intent of exploring.


While this option might not be available all year round or nearby to your location, skiing trips have long been popular among families as an exciting outdoor adventure that appeals to the entire family. Many resorts will not only have necessary ski equipment for hire, saving the cost of purchasing your own, but also have classes and routes specifically for children, ensuring that adults are able to enjoy their own getaway without concerns about the safety or entertainment of their children.


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