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Barbecue is the oldest method of cooking the man. It started with a man and prehistoric women who wandered on the remains of some animals victims of a forest fire. It was better than raw meat. This is how cooking in a barbecue has evolved.

Today, the art of barbecue has evolved into three basic methods. The most popular method of cooking food in a barbecue is to grill. In the following method, the food is secured dry by the heat of the smoke. The last method consists of cooking food in a coal fire, wood, propane gas or any other similar gas, usually with applied sauce.

The barbecue is generally cooked in an outside environment. Without using any of the barbecue devices, the barbecue can be prepared by making a pit in the floor to hold the fire and using a grid, a grid or a sticks platform that keeps meat or other prepared foods. Appropriate coverage will suffice to contain smoke and heat. It is a slow cooking method, but it retains the natural and tasty juice that keeps moist and tender meat.

Barbing can also be done at a higher temperature. But make sure you do not burn the outside of the meat. The meat of all kind becomes really difficult when it is too cooked. When you smoke meat for an hour or so at high temperature, wrap the meat in a sheet, to reduce the cooking time. Regardless of the temperature used, a basement sauce is also called “mop sauce” or “finishing sauce”, must be applied to meat during fifteen to thirty minutes of cooking.

The MOP sauce is applied to meat with a brush or a small cloth mop at intervals during the cooking process. A good indicator to apply the mop is when the meat starts to look dry on the surface. The mop sauce with non-tomatoes and non-sugar should be used because tomato and sugar will make bitter meat.

The barbecue of all meat is at the discretion of the individual cook. The place where a life has a lot to do with meat in favor. In Texas, the meat of choice is the chest. It is boned and generally very fat that confers this delicious flavor.

The basic mop sauce for barbecue is very easy to prepare. A pint of water, a half-lime, salt and butter will constitute a mop sauce. Keeping this as a base, you can prepare its own mop sauce by adding onions, garlic and other favorite spices of their choice.

Apart from the preparation of non-vegetarian food, vegetarian food can also be prepared. Vegetarians can also taste barbecues. Vegetarians can cook some of the burgers or veggie sausages purchased at the shop.

BBQ cooking can be healthier and safer when the meat is separated or cooked at a low temperature. If the temperature is very high, carcinogens are more likely to be trained in meats. Consume this will lead to cancer.

When smoke hits naked meat, proteins are transformed into benzopytrenes, carcinogens. If the meat is well covered with barbecue sauce before the bar, it will protect the outer layer of the meat to change character. So learn the barbecue cook the right way and stay healthy.


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