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Nothing beat turn on the BBQ and cook outside! There is something primal about cooking on open fire which cannot be replaced with the comfort of a modern kitchen oven. In addition, the smoky taste added to the food you really add something special for your taste. Close your eyes and imagine coal light. Now imagine hissing when you lay steaks on the grill. I will bet your mouth watering, just thinking about it!

Baking basics

To grill, you need medium heat fire. You can rate this from experience once you have several sessions of baking under your belt. At first it will help to hold your hand a little on the grill where you will put the meat and see how long you can tolerate the heat. About two or three seconds is good for baking steaks and burgers. To cook sausage on the grill, about three to four seconds is good, but you can also move it from the heat directly, close the lid, and smoke using indirect heat to protect the tender sausage sheath from separation. Personally, I prefer to smoke and will put sausages on some paper from heat and let sausage cook slowly with some onions and peppers. Spray on a little olive oil to keep things from drying or using a dropworm with liquid for moist heat.

What should I start?

To start, you will need a good grill. I will not enter the debate whether the gas or charcoal is the best. Both have pros and cons and I prefer to cook than arguing! The more surface areas for cooking, the more the grill you will use indirect heat, and obviously you will be able to cook more at a time. Don’t worry if you only have a room for smaller grills. Even a small grill will cook a tremendous BBQ. After you know your grill, the characteristics will appear and you will cook like a pro!

Choose the right charcoal

Buy Charcoal Top Quality! Cheap items are burning too fast and you will end up using more and spend more in the long run. You don’t need gourmet charcoal, quality charcoal like Kingsford works well. To get the best smoky taste, add a few pieces of wood to the fire when using charcoal, or add wood chips soaked in water with a wooden chip box with a gas grill. The wooden chip box is very important to prevent burner gas burners. There are many types of wood used for smoking: pecan, mesquite, oak, hickory and so on … experimenting with various types of wood until you are satisfied with your favorites.

Big BBQ Secrets

So what’s the secret for a great BBQ? The secret is … hot control! The right heat depends on whether you roast or smoke and what kind of meat you cook. For smoking meat, the ideal temperature is around 200 to 225 degrees cooked for several hours. Cooking time will vary according to the size and shape of the pieces of meat, but you will achieve the greatness of BBQ when you cook slow and easy. The real cooked BBQ meat has a dark reddish brown exterior, reddish pink layer just below the surface, and the interior is moist, but done well, get to the bone. When cooked properly, the meat will be tender and moist with a smoke.


So that’s how it is! The secret to BBQ is hot control. Cook slowly when smoking meat on BBQ and use quality charcoal and your favorite wooden smoke for extra flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make sure to try your favorite vegetables cooked outside to go along with the main course. Quick enough, you will be a BBQ cooking expert!