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We all want the best for our children. We all want them to get the best education offered. We all want them to go to good school. What actually defines good school? In this article I want to describe what I understand as a “good baby / kindergarten school“, based on thirty years of my teaching experience at the baby’s school.

Childhood education or kindergarten is a school area for children in several countries aged between three and seven years. In areas where there are two or more parents of parents may find themselves to choose school and this can be a difficult decision to be made. Here are some guidelines to help you make this decision

The first show is very important, for you and your child. Look for headteachers, teachers, friendly teaching assistants and receptionists.
The entrance, hallway and classroom must invite, display work especially children.
The class must be equipped with a reading corner, the role play area and sand and water play area.
Ask to see the reading scheme and mathematical scheme implemented at school.
Outdoor play area must be sufficient and safe.
Toilet facilities and small rooms must be suitable for age groups and class sizes.
Facilities must always take into account specific physical needs of several children.
Talk to the Principal

Headteacher from a good baby school will want to meet you and your child and will gladly discuss whatever issues you have. You must take this opportunity to get as much information as possible about the school philosophy and mission statement. It is the right time to transmit to school that you are a parent who is very interested in your child’s education and respects work done at school by teachers and other staff.


You can ask if there is an opportunity to get involved in the relationship of parents. These associations are often established in schools to raise funds for certain events and charities, to encourage school involvement in the local community or even to raise funds for resources or equipment that cannot be obtained through a normal financial budget. Involved in your child’s school.

It’s worth the extra time and the efforts needed to find the right school. Remember your child will spend most of his day at school so it makes sense to get the best deal.


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