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Private Stonehenge Tours

Tours of Stonhenge and beyond...

All tours are conducted by qualified guides and in air conditioned luxury vehicles

Stonehenge Circle Special Access Tour 


Stonehenge Circle Access

This special access tour will take you beyond the barriers and allow you to walk through the stone circle at Stonehenge.
This realy is the best way to experiance Stonehenge.
These tours are very limited and only take place on certain days and are conducted when Stonehenge is closed to the public.

On route out of London your driver guide will tell you a little history about London as well as information on what you are passing on route to Stonehenge.
Just before you arrive at Stonehenge your guide will tell you some of the history about this magnificent site and it's 5,000 years of history.
On arrival at Stonehenge your guide will accompany you to the stone circle where they will tell you more about wht you are seeing and about the landscape around Stonehenge.
You will have about one hour at the stones and there will only be a maximum of 25 people there.

These tours are limited so please book early to avoid disapointment.

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