Criminal law and Public Defenders – Is there equal justice?


Not long, then, someone has contacted me who happened to get a little problem in a small town. It was a relatively small incident, however, he felt as if the system was very unfair. He was unable to pay a lawyer, it was too expensive for him. He stated that when he said he would get a lawyer and return in 2 weeks, he did not know it would be too expensive.

When he returned to court without a lawyer, he said he was assigned a public defender. Public defenders mix the case, maybe because they are working; “The judge was very angry and fired him from this case, he made the law from now on anyone who was unable to do a lawyer only permitted $ 150 – worth of a free board, this did not buy Jack # $%.”

Well, judging from his comments, the judge was not the only one who was very angry, and his comments at $ 150 to the lawyer was ridiculous and underestimating. He also stated that Da then investigated himself and his family, and caused a problem with the relationship he had with his neighbors in the community. He said that to me;

“Prosecution lawyers really walk on the streets ask who ever if they know anything about so and so.” In the community, there is no secret, and he said even rumors could make someone troubled with the law.

The moral of the story is here and I think the main points are challenges in America with not the same justice, it’s a real problem. We have different standards, and poor people cannot go down as easy as rich clients who can employ the best representation (lawyers). Everyone knows it’s true, but we still believe our justice system in the US is the best, and we work to try to make it fair for all, even if it makes us occasionally as a society.

What I found along the way is that those who are able to pay expensive lawyers, they survive with many things, and those who cannot. We have unequal justice in the US, and I think everyone knows it, there is a different set of rules for rich and poor, all under the equivalent justice robe for all. As long as we don’t try to hide this reality or debris under the carpet we have a chance of battle to improve the situation, if not, we will continue to live in hypocrisy, and it is unfortunate.


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