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One of the most important parts of owning a car is keeping it protected and maintained. This can be done by using car travel and protection accessories, some of which are necessary while others may not be. It is important to purchase only the ones that you need and not get carried away with certain products.

One way to keep your car protected is to buy car travel and protection accessories that are appropriate for your specific car model. Some of these accessories are:

-Car Mats: These mats fit into the vehicle and absorb any spills or water that may come onto it. Car floor mats are usually made from rubber and can be easily cleaned.

-Car Steering Wheel Cover: These covers help keep the leather/vinyl on your steering wheel in excellent condition by absorbing sweat from your hands. They tie on to give a snug fit and some even have a plush interior for comfort.

-Car Cover: A car cover is a necessity to keep the outside of your car clean. These covers are made out of different materials that can withstand different weather conditions, including sun exposure. It is important to choose the appropriate one for your specific car model.

-Car Wheel Covers: If you have alloy wheels on your vehicle then it is advisable to buy metallic wheel covers for them. These wheel covers not only prevent the wheels from scratches and dust but also give a sporty look to your car.

-First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is a must-have item in every car as it has many life-saving products that ensure people’s safety on the road. Ideally, a first aid kit should be kept in the car trunk, but some owners prefer to keep it inside the car.

-Wiper blades: Wiper blades are necessary to remove rainwater from your car’s windshield. It is important to check these wiper blades every month as they tend to lose grip and might stop working during an unexpected downpour.

-GPS Unit: A GPS unit is not a necessity but it helps you to locate your car if it gets stolen. It also gives you an accurate reading of the distance covered and helps you to reach your destination with ease.

-Car rat repellent:  These are usually made of chemical compounds and can be sprayed on the rat to make it difficult for it to climb onto the car. Rat repellent for car  is not very harmful to the rat but do not use them if you have pets in your vehicle.

-Mobile holders: These mobile holders attach to the windshield or dashboard and allow drivers to safely place their mobile phones so that their hands are free to drive. These mobile holders also charge the phone while it is in use and allow drivers to speak on the phone using a Bluetooth connection.

– Car Dashboard Covers: A car dashboard cover is essential if you live in a hot climate, as it shields the dashboard from sun damage due to rising temperatures and also protects it from dirt.

-Car Air Compressor:  A car air compressor can be used to inflate a flat tire on the go. It is used by pumping it up and inserting the nozzle of the compressor into the valve of the tire which will then start filling up with air. This prevents drivers from having to wait for cars ahead of them to move before they can exchange their flat tires with a spare tire.

-Car Inflator: Most cars come with a standard tire pressure gauge but the car inflator is more accurate and helpful when filling up tires to recommend the right pressure for them. It also has an LED light beam that helps in darkness.

-Car foot pump: A car foot pump can be used to inflate tires in case of a puncture or to only add air if low on pressure. Some foot pumps have an extra attachment to inflate other items, such as mattresses and pool toys.

-Car seat cover: A car seat cover is essential if you have pets and children in your car. It protects the seats from scratches and dirt that come from either of these two sources.

-Air purifier: A car purifier does not only remove pollutants like dust, pollen and bacteria but also emits a pleasant smell while doing so.

-Air freshener: Air fresheners not only make your car smell nice but also eliminate harmful toxins like formaldehyde that are released into the air due to new car upholstery.

Ideally, these should be bought with your car. These products help maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle while protecting it from dust, dirt, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions.

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