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There are so many different ways to cook a steak. Many of us sometimes want a steak on a day of rain and can not go out to the grill to enjoy it. Even if there is nothing like the taste grilled when cooking a steak, there are always ways to enjoy a steak. You can always use the alternative to cook your oven steak. It’s pretty simple and it takes almost as good as you prepare on the grill.

Before you have the question of how long does it take to cook an oven steak are talking about how to prepare your steak first. I strongly suggest you separate your steak before preparing it in the oven. Seaming the steak is what gives it the color and it always does very tasty. The cast iron pan is the best but any frying pan will do. Sit your cast iron pan on the stove and turn it high. While your saucepan heats, take your steak and run the olive oil anytore. Then you will add your seasoning to the steak. Place the steak in the pan for 30 seconds on each side.

Now, how long does it take to cook a steak in the oven? There are some ways to walk around and you can choose what best suits your taste. You must first preheat your oven to about 500 degrees F. Make sure it is completely preheated before placing a steak in an oven. You can put your steak to their right after drying always in your cast iron pan. If you use a regular frying pan, remove it from the pan and place steak in a pastry dish. Depending on how you like your steak cooked depends on the time you leave it in the oven. For rare means, you should have it for about three minutes. Add one minute to support and so on until you get it to what you prefer.

However, cooking your oven steak over 500 degrees is not a bad idea that I like to cook my steak in the oven on the grill. So, how long does it take to cook a steak in the oven on the grill? Cook your steak on the grill makes it much softer. You must set your oven on the grill and let it heat. Depending on the size of your steak will determine the length you are going to need to cook your steak. If your steak is about 3/4 inches thick, you will need to cook for about four to five minutes on each side for rare means. For the average cooking for six to seven minutes on each side.

To determine if your steak is complete, I would recommend using a thermometer to check the temperature. The temperature must be 160 degrees. Most people try to cut their open steak with a knife to see if it is done or not. This is not a good idea because it allows the juice to flow from the steak. Once your steak is finished, let it sit for about five minutes. This will leave the juice through the steak from top to bottom giving a great flavor. This is my advice on how long does it take to cook an oven steak.