How to cook the fish on the grill


Grilling is an ideal way for cooking fish, produce quick, easy and delicious results. In most cases, you can watch this happen in front of your eyes and appear on a plate (heated) the moment it is cooked to perfection. As just about any suitable fish can be grilled, these guidelines should help you whatever your choice.

As there are far too many species to consider for this short article, your main choices can be broken down into flat fish, round fish and fat fish. Then you can choose to fold the fish or cook on the bone. The large fish can of course be cut into appropriate portions, again or outside the bone.

If there is a secret to succeed in fish cooking, it is to cook fish as soon as possible. Fish should be heated until the flesh has “set”; Cook further and you lose from moisture and flavor. We are only talking about a few minutes here.

Some fish need to scaling and need skin before cooking. If you are not sure, ask your fishmonger and they will prepare it for you. Even if the skin is invaluable, it is often better to leave it when cooking, after which will take off easily, or you can simply eat the fish and leave it on the plate.

If you cook entire round fish, such as herring, bass, trout, etc., cut some diagonal slaves in the flesh, until the bone, just before cooking. This helps heat penetrate for the fish to cook evenly.

The last consideration before starting cooking is simply how much your fish is it thick? A thin sole fillet obviously cook much faster than a thick tuna or cod steak, for example. The basic rule is the thicker fish, the lower the heat, or more of the grill.

If it needs, knead the fish, not the pan or grill. Season generously with a good salt and a freshly ground black pepper, and by all means rub in chopped herbs if you like them.

Preheat the grill before starting cooking – wait until it is at the required operating temperature.

If you cook the threaded fish, place the skin side to the heat first (unless, of course, you had the fish to the skin).

The indicators that the fish is ready are when the skin starts to slightly charged and become golden, or the flesh becomes opaque rather than translucent to the thickest part, or that the flesh can be easily drawn from the bone.

Turn, if necessary to finish the other side – it will not usually take as long as the first side.
The fish, when to be grilled simply, is so delicious that it rarely need elaborate or fanciful sauces – often a little melted butter or lemon pressure is the perfect finish.


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