Need high visibility clothing? 10 tips to make it right


If you need high visibility clothes, you will want to get what you need the first time, so you do not put the lives of your workers, colleagues and the public at risk, and do not make a mistake expensive.

Here’s what you need to think.

1. You will need to determine why you need high visibility clothing so you can get what you need. Perhaps you work outside in all maneuvers or have you just need to keep a hi viz vest in your car, van or truck in case of emergency, or when you visit visit sites.

2. The kind of hi viz clothing will depend on what you do. A team of workers repairing a highway will have different requirements for those who work in a warehouse or traffic machine. It is also important to ensure that the reflective clothing you choose meet or exceed the relevant safety standards.

3. Where and how many times you will need your safety clothes will help you determine what you need. You may simply want a vest or jacket in case you are caught in the rain, or in the dark, otherwise you may need to wear a hi viz jacket and trousers at any time.

4. You will need to make sure that you choose comfortable jackets and you have relevant pockets and zips, so that they are easy to wear and use when it’s cold, dark and wet. In addition to keeping your visible workers, these jackets will have to keep them warm too.

5. Pants will have to be durable and comfortable, so your workers can continue their work in all weather conditions.

6. Waterproof high visibility clothing can be a requirement if your workers are outside all day every day. They will have to continue working, or be willing to work at a notice of moments and time can not interrupt them.

7. Instead of Vest, HI-Viz polos are available, which are an idea in the hottest months, and therefore means that an extra layer of clothing is not necessary.

8. The voleys can be made from reflective materials, so it is not necessary to remember a jacket or an additional vest to work outside.

9. As well as clothes, hi-viz bags and accessories are available, so your workers can be seen all the time. If you are not sure what you need, why not ask the chosen high visibility clothing provider?

10. You can not put a price on security, so even if you want money for money, you must make sure that you get the appropriate high visibility clothing, so your workers and your other are not at risk while working.


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