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Do you have a talent to know which color of lipstick will be the best on a just person from a quick assessment? Have you spent hours trying to perfect the Smokey Eye, or the perfect red lip? If you are the type of creativity and you have an eye on the aesthetics, you may become a makeup artist the ideal career for you! Here are some tips to become a makeup artist.

Start developing your skills

You have probably already done it, but practice makeup application on yourself or on your friends and family so that you can really develop your skills for makeup demand. Even if you may be incredible to make your own makeup, that someone else is a totally different thing. So make sure you get a lot of practice by applying cosmetics on others.

Different people have their own skin type and tone, face shapes, eye colors, and so on. Find people with a variety of these features so you can get an idea of ​​choosing good colors and products and how to apply specific cosmetics for various sides. Be familiar with all types of cosmetics on which you can use on your future customers.

Sign up for a makeup school

As talented as you might be, it’s important to take some makeup classes to get formal training in your area. Potential employers and customers will expect to see some kind of accreditation, taking into account that they pay good money for your services. It is worth learning industry expert techniques and it is also useful to advertise your formal training.

Determine what the industry would like to work in

Becoming a makeup artist offers many avenues to develop your career. You can work in a makeup counter in a department store, in a theater, for fashion magazines, in a living room or even for yourself. Think of which avenue you want to work so that you can develop specific skills for your sector.

Portfolio together

Your portfolio is a crucial thing to be available because it is essentially the only way to see that potential customers will be able to see your work and talent. Invest in a good camera and take professional photos of your friends and family that you have postulated makeup, or even consider job templates you work. Or, consider using a professional photographer to take pictures. This one-off investment may seem much first, but it’s a critical factor in your success.

Walk your services

After needing needed education and training from a makeup school, start advertising to get the word you are available to take your job. This is especially important if you plan to be independent makeup artists and work for yourself. Search your area you want to work and see if there are available positions.