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Sex is the most enjoyable activity of our life. His attractions and rewards are enormous. It is not wrong to say “no life without life”. Life without sex will certainly become a dull and alley routine, without meaning and unsuccessful. Although this natural process is full of enormous enormous excitations, it is also full of dangers threatening life.

We all know the alarming situation of sexually transmitted diseases, where AIDS or HIV is more dominant and mortal. The toll increases rapidly because people are looking for illegitimate sex points where you do not know your position of your sexual partner (you may not be the only one to have sex with him); You do not know with what diseases he suffers. The answer to such a question is to avoid unprotected sex with new partners or while having sex outside the marriage limit. But what is the security of condom use, is 100% security?

The safest average, of course, is the sexual relationship between a husband and a woman. This is what we consider natural limits. When we cross any limit fixed by nature, it will certainly punish us. Anal sex and sex between two identical sexes, all are like crossing the boundary of nature that invites some punishments. Due to the crossing of the limits put in place by nature, we find the increasing cases of sexually communicable diseases and the life of the risk of AIDS or HIV.

Unprotected sex invites negative consequences, such as incurable diseases (HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and herpes), Curabic diseases (syphilis, chlamydia, gonnorhea), infertility, cervical cancer, unwanted pregnancy and other associated complications at its cessation, etc.

It’s not fair and logical to advise stay away from sex to save sexually transmitted disease. Sex is an excellent gift of nature that must be appreciated as much as possible. You can not stay away from sex and yet finding pleasant life. Of course, the legitimate sex between a woman and a husband is the safest average to enjoy this precious gift, but it is of course not always possible. So we should try to find more advice and safer sex methods.

The use of the condom prevents you from acquiring many sexually transmitted diseases; But this method is not 100% safe, pay attention.

Carefully put the condom; Pin the air out of the top when you put it otherwise the condom can break. If you need to use lubricants, use water, otherwise other lubrication media such as body lotion, butter, oil jelly, etc. can break down latx condoms.

Use very high quality and only certified condoms. Ensure condom health (validity, correct storage, etc.).

Avoid having sex with completely strange people. Remember that condoms are not 100% safe.

By participating in oral sex, do not forget the hygienic side. He and she must clean the private parties before the law.

Avoid anal sex at all (do not forget the punishment of nature).

Avoid anal and vaginal penetration during the single intercourse session.

Avoid using unregistered oils (in case of vaginal drying) and other lubrication substances; This is essential to prevent fungal and other infections.

Avoid having sex with sex workers, for the very apparent reasons we all know. Do not count on condoms.


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