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What is the purpose?

Why is this event host? If the purpose of collecting money, this needs to be made very clear for the participants. They are not only invited to have fun, but to help a reason or organization get more profits. If the goal is to tell and educate the participants about the cause, compile speaker plans, presentations, and petaks or brochures.

Choose the concept

Choosing the concept is the most important part of hosting charity events. Events must be friendly and interesting. Guests must enjoy themselves while gathering for common purposes. Will it be formal, family oriented or professional? Deciding the concept of the event will help in determining the atmosphere, participants, marketing and venues.

Choose a date

Choosing the date of the event before preparing the event is very important because it provides deadlines for each task that must be resolved. This helps prevent delays and promote timeliness and motivation. If events are greater or need more preparation, plan at least six months until one year before.

Create a calendar and budget

This is often a difficult part because resources must be spent wisely and efficiently. The budget must include staff employed, places, equipment, catering, licenses, rent, and contingencies. Create a calendar with duties and dates to follow up to complete.

Collect volunteers

Recruitable volunteers can be difficult, but if the right resources are used, along with a good strategy, this obstacle can be overcome. Try putting ads on websites designed for grassroots or non-profit organizations. Remember that this is a structured event and there are students or college graduates who can use event planning experience. They can use this on their resumes and they can also use professional work references for future work.

Find Venue

It’s always good to choose several different places. It is possible that the first idea for a place might not succeed. Perhaps overbooked, they can choose another event, or maybe even there are internal changes. If you have a group line up, you can find replacements in a more timely way. When choosing a place, consider the weather, number of participants, display, and catering.

Find funds

Funding can come in various forms: sponsors, gifts in form, donation, fundraising, or grants. Gifts in the form can be used for raffles, event equipment, or whatever will benefit your event. When approaching potential sponsors, has several different options to be provided to them. If they cannot provide monetary sponsors, they may be able to help raise funds by preparing a collection box in their business or asking others if they are interesting in helping the cause.

Tell the public

Audience can be informed about events in different ways. A well-planned grassroots campaign will help build relationships with the community and tell them about organizations or for reasons supported by the event. The contents of the local community calendar as much as possible by date, time, venue, speakers, and ticket information. Send invitation via email to potential participants. Send public service announcements and press releases to new relevant and leading and leading online magazines. Find local bloggers who specialize in the same causes and ask them whether they will be willing to provide information to their online audience.

Setup event.

Make arrangements from each display done before or the morning event. If the event is at night, the morning may be enough time to prepare a larger event, but do not completely rely on it. Be careful planning settings, catering, check-in, service and cleaning / cleaning for the event.