Top 5 reasons why sex is important in a relationship


Each relationship must be filled mentally, spiritually and yes, sexually. Couples who believe that sex is not important will find that their relationships deteriorate, ending up completely. Sexual intimacy is a key element of all lasting relationships and marriages. Global sex is the most liberating activity that partners can participate as human beings.

Here are 5 reasons why sex is important in a relationship. Each is a key for couples, if they want their relationships to contain time tests. See if you mayake yourself to everything or everyone, think about why.

Connects you
Sexual activity is more than getting physically realized, it allows couples to engage intimately. Although engaged in sexual intercourse, all aspects of the individual are literally bare bare and vulnerable. People can share deeply during the process of sex, at all levels. Sex connects people in a way that no other activity does. If this is really understood, sexual activity can help couples reach many levels of communication and learn to be closer in a non-verbal way.

No other form of exercises frees stress and physical tension, such as sex. Sexual activity can elaborate all the muscles of the whole body. Sex is incredibly good for the cardiovascular system because it gets blood pumping, breathable lungs and even hormonal levels in both sexes. Studies have shown that sex helps human beings in different ways by touching and creating physical intimacy. This can help overcome all types of psychological and physiological barriers caused by daily stress of life. It also frees endorphins into the brain, because sex stimulates the centers of pleasure.

To live longer
Sex may be the key to physical immortality, or at least longevity. It has been proven that adult men and women, who engage in regular sexual activities live longer. They are more likely to be physically fit, but are also less likely to have a negative corporal image, succumb to depression or many other psychological clashes. Sex accumulates the immune system, releasing endorphins, causing the heart, stimulating the whole cardiovascular system, and because it makes you feel good. While couples age, engaging sex is a fantastic way to stay active in their golden years.

Best self-esteem
For obvious reasons, a healthy sex life promotes positive mental health. People who are sexually frustrated suffer many psychological problems that individuals who have a fulfilling sex life. Many people with low self-esteem, also have a missing or non-existent sex life. Sexual dysfunctions in men are generally complicated by a negative self-image, as well as low self-esteem problems in their lives. Sex will not heal a small self-esteem, but it definitely helps.

Keep hot things
Over time, many things become banal in the average relationship. Sexual intercourse can remain a stimulating and adventurous way of keeping romantic things. Although the sex drive can decrease over the years, it does not mean that sex can still not be hot and fun. Married couples and long-term relationships allow partners to get to know each other better, they should also get to know each other’s “likes, does not like it well. Try new types of preliminaries, dressing or changing environment are simple ways to keep things spiced in the bedroom. The new sexual positions, masturbation or adult toys can also heat things. It does not matter what, strive of the variety and new ways to make fun.


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