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There are lots of misconceptions about modular construction and modular homes. A typical misconception is the fact that modular, panelized, manufactured and mobile homes are the same. This may not be the situation. Hopefully, their list of faq’s will assist you to explain a few of the variations between these kinds of construction.

Q What’s modular house construction?

A. Modular house construction is really a system built home building process where the house is built inside a factory in compliance with similar Uniform Building Code (UBC) like a site-built home. Once completed in the factory, the modular house is transported towards the building site and permanently set and connected to the foundation.

Q Exactly what is a rv (also referred to as manufactured or HUD homes)?

A. Mobile homes are made inside a factory in compliance having a federal building code or HUD code. These homes are usually parked or set up in a trailer park or similar location.

Q Exactly what is a panelized home?

A. Panelized homes are shipped towards the site in structural building panels. The panels will be put together on-site. The house is finished on-site in the same way like a stick built home.

Q Exactly what is a package home?

A. Package homes (i.e. log homes) really are a catalog shopping home where all of the pieces are sent to the client – much like a panelized home. It’s the customers’ responsibility to put together the panels. This kind of house is considered like a do-it-yourself project.

Q Do modular homes withstand ecological elements?

A. Yes, modular homes are made to resist all the elements including: rain, snow, extreme cold and winds (including hurricanes).

Q Do modular homes retain their value?

A. Modular homes, like site built homes, appreciate in value. Compared, a mobile (manufactured or HUD) home generally depreciates or looses its value with time, like the depreciation of an automobile (i.e. vehicle).

Q Are modular homes built with similar quantity of material as site built homes?