What is the best makeup for a bride to be?


The bridal makeup varies considerably in different cultures, but it always has the central theme of ensuring that the bride has examined the day of his marriage. Being very, very general, there are two types of basic makeup – the heavy makeup looks of Arab and Indian cultures, use strong lines and colors; And more neutral resemble “Western” bridal makeup, usually in sweet brownings and gray.

For these two types of makeup for the search of the bride, the key to success is to have an excellent base with: the foundation is paramount for bridal looks. Although the sponge and brush applications were the best we can hope for a few years back, nowadays, the bridal makeup is revolutionized by the airbrush.

The Airbrusing Foundation is given the most fuzzy application, the most potential possible from the Foundation, with the additional advantages of long lasting and anti-stacked long foundation formulas. Indian hidelles have very heavy contours on the face – it is transparent with an airbrush. Even the lighter outline is perfectly reached with the airbrush – it’s really an indispensable tool for a big makeup for brides.

While the Indian and Arab brides often integrate the color into their bridal makeup, it is less common on the “western” brides, but do not fear a dip in a color palette. Sweet roses, browns and are really good with the white dress of a western bride. If you choose to add a color to the eye, keep the lips simple and spend time to get the exact match for the eyes and the lips, you do not want to mix color schemes.

False eyelashes are an essential part of the dramatic makeup of most Arab and continental brides, but the drama is a bit too much for you, try a half-set of eyelashes, or even some individual eyelashes on the outside corner of the eyes – they You really open the eye and give a look like the doe in the eyes.

A good makeup for the looks of the bride should accentuate the natural characteristics of the bride and a way of doing so is to highlight the lips with a beaded eye shadow. Do not panic, it’s not white lips that we are talking about – just a subtle placement of reflective pearl powder in the center of the lips that catches the light and manufactures Super Pouty lips.

Another trick for intelligent makeup for the pride of the bride is to use a contour color in an airbrush to align cleaning – it makes the larger cleavage, firmer and rounder, consider it a job of Boob for 2 minutes that any bride will love. The airbrush can also be done on the back, the neck and the arms to cover all the imperfections without fear of rubbing on the dress, nor other guests that the cuddling cuddles and kisses begin to start.


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