Why Aren’t You Using Cloud Data Storage?


Cloud data storage is the wave of the future. No longer are we storing our documents and valuable information strictly on our desktop computer or external drive. What is cloud data storage? A provider stores your data on secure servers that are accessible from a network for you to access from the internet. Cloud data storage allows us to access our files anywhere that there is internet access. These files can include anything that is saved on a computer: documents, pictures, music, videos, music, etc. This has allowed many companies and agencies the flexibility to have employees work from home. With cloud data storage, we are no longer restricted to the size constraints of email when sharing large files. We can simply upload the file to the cloud and grant access to the file when you are ready to share it.

There are several free cloud storage providers. The advantages of free cloud storage are obvious. The first advantage is that it does not cost any money to store your information in a cloud. One of the disadvantages is that most free cloud storage providers limit the amount of data that you can store. Another disadvantage of utilizing a free cloud storage is that the security of your data may not be top notch. If you have very sensitive information you are looking to store, it may be in your best interest to pay for a cloud storage service.

When searching for a cloud storage provider, you want to consider multiple factors. Consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend every month to store this data? $20? $50? 100? Your budget will dictate the amount of storage space you are allotted and how secure your data is going to be. The amount of data that can be stored. Look at how much data you will need to store. 100GB? 250GB? Or even 1TB? How sensitive is the information you want to store? If your information is very sensitive, you will want to consider a provider who has heightened security on the data. Do you want to have your data store automatically to the cloud? Everything you are working on or save to your computer will automatically save to the cloud as well. No mistakes. No lost files if the computer crashes. Do you want to move files manually? You only move your finished products to the cloud. Do you want to be able to modify documents and files in the cloud? Being able to edit files while in the cloud is a feature that can be very helpful if you are working on the go and do not want to save files to your smartphone or tablet. What operating system are you using? The cloud storage provider should be compatible with the operating systems you will be using.

We all want to get the most bang for our buck. If you are not storing much data and it the information is not that sensitive, a free cloud data storage may be your best bet. Ask yourself the pertinent questions when you shopping for cheap cloud data storage. Sometimes, cheap is not always the best option to fit your needs. Cloud data storage is the optimal way to store, backup, and share data.


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