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The force is in different forms. A person who displays and uses physical attributes is considered strong. Someone who demonstrates the calm of moments of stress or problems could be considered emotionally strong. A person with an average intellectual capacity could be mentally high. The educational force, although not widely recognized, is a life changer capable of helping anyone developing it.

Quality education produces the type of force force can be built on. Its foundation is strengthened with the courage of knowledge, its pillars erected from the support of the wisdom and its solidified structure with the cement of confidence. Without this, the winds of chance and circumstances can blow through its existence like a hurricane in a tree.

Read today’s reports on the challenges that public schools would leave readers shaking the head and thought, why do you disturb? Poverty, class size, family problems, technological insufficiency, intimidation – physically and online, student attitudes, student health – obesity at epidemic levels, parental sub-involvement or overcommendation, financing … when it is not No wonder of this dark and negative image presents itself.

Education is the rocky substrate of our future

The truth is that we must worry because our future depends on it. The power of sustainable education and constitutes a rocky substrate to understand and address the critical problems in which our country and our world in the 21st century. Unlike pessimistic titles from public education critics, success stories are crawling in schools that are struggling to overcome the challenges and still current barriers to daily learning.

Education, especially in our public education system, received a bad, and some would say unfair, rap. Accertly the negative is, unfortunately, what makes news titles much more frequently than positive stories that occur daily in classrooms across the country. Teachers work intensely every day to build academically powerful students who will be able to apply this force throughout life.

Students from all walks of life are provided a quality education that will make a profound difference in their lives and in their communities. Learn the three R and the discovery of their connection and meaning in the outside world walls, creates the type of strength that literacy can provide.

The educational force gives birth to new ideas

The strength of education gives rise to crucial ideas and options to deal with some of the most serious problems faced by the United States and the entire planet. The discovery of sustainable solutions to deal with current and future concerns, can only be accomplished through the development of ongoing public education and a commitment dedicated to interactive investigating, engaged learning and graduates. quality.

More than ever, societal problems have an impact on our students and their search for a significant and productive life. Poverty continues to be a major contributor to academic failure. Among children under 18 in the United States, 41% are low-income and nearly 19% – one in five – are considered poor and live in poverty.

Statistics like these represent the norm and, in many cases, short-term insurmountable factors, to achieve the type of scholastic success necessary to permanently reverse the continued trend of “disadvantage of disengagement” in our schools. However, thanks to education, we find knowledge and through knowledge. I hope the future and hopes for a better life. We find strength.