Top Attractions in Merimbula


The small town that sits on the shores of Merimbula Lake and with 6 main beaches, you can explore the region and enjoy a variety of activities. The most popular is Main Beach, which happens to be a prime surfing spot with ideal kiteboarding conditions.

Deep Sea Fishing

If you’re looking for a top fishing charter, Merimbula is the best place to board the boat; seasoned skippers know this stretch of coastline like the back of their hand. Top species include kingfish, snapper, big groper, tiger and trevally, to name but a few. If you think you might suffer from sea-sickness, take medication about one hour before the vessel departs and dress suitably with a waterproof jacket and apply sunscreen prior to setting off.

Eden Killer Whale Museum

If you are interested in marine life, take the family to the Eden Killer Whale Museum where you can see the skeleton of Old Tom, a very famous killer whale that frequented the coastline. The museum was originally built to house Old Tom, yet it expanded to highlight the plight of marine life, with more than 10,000 marine artefacts on display.

Pambula Village

The idyllic Pambula Village is one of the highlights of the Sapphire Coast and you should spend at least one day at this special place. The village was founded due to an 18th century gold rush and buildings were constructed to accommodate the many businesses that supported the mining population. Walk down the main street and enjoy a coffee while watching the world go by; there are some vintage collectables and a few trendy boutiques, not to mention a couple of pubs.

Tour the Beaches

The list of beaches include:

  • Membula (Main) Beach
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach
  • Tathra Beach
  • Asling Beach
  • Bar Beach

There is a lot of information on the Internet to help you become acquainted with the layout of this area; many eateries and coffee shops make for easy rest and relaxation. If a quiet, tranquil stretch of beach is for you, we recommend Tathra or Bar Beach.

Magic Mountain

If you are an active person who loves a challenge, the Magic Mountain Tree Climb is for you; This adventure park with more than 30 challenges, all unique in their own way. Spend some time in the skills centre where you are shown the kind of skills you will need for the tree-top challenges, which vary greatly.


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